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Chapter 5 – # Ring a ring o’crime case #

“Come on ladies!” Austin cheered as Maybelle and I walked like zombies behind him, who was marching with all of his energy. We were stuffed from the food that we devoured at Bennetts. It has been 30 minutes since we ate and Maybelle and I feel sick. I took my map out of the back pocket in my denim jeans and opened it up. The map showed Havendale and Canberra, the capital of Australia. Havendale seemed so big to me when I was younger but when I looked at the map, 4/5 of it was taken up by Canberra. All of Havendale was shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the map. Maybelle, Austin and I were standing at platform 9. I wish it was platform 9 and ¾! Anyway, we were headed to Canberra to search for clues about Kat Jordan-Cabellero. Canberra was a, and I quote from my mother, ‘an impeccably large city for such a small population’. The population isn’t that small, it just seems small if you have stayed in Havendale for the majority of your life. Mom has only ever been out of Havendale twice. Once on a residential trip to Sydney and another to marry dad, who lived in Melbourne. I’ve been out of Havendale many times, mostly on missions. The train suddenly braked at the platform as Austin seized my hand and dragged me on to the extremely long and modern train. We seated ourselves by a window and placed our map flat on the plastic laminated table.
“So, this is our plan of action!” Austin shouted so loudly that the people sitting on the other side of the aisle looked at us. He carried on talking so loudly that he was about to break my ear drums. I quickly put my hand on his mouth.
“Shut up Austin! We’re going to get found!” I whispered in his ear.
Austin looked at me with adorable puppy dog eyes. His blue eyes were large and his mouth was droopy. I blushed hard and I’m guessing that he saw it as he smirked straight after. I heard Maybelle clear hear throat and Austin and I leaned away from each other.
“Did you know that my sister Mia learnt a swear word the other day?” She stated.
“Where the fuck did she learn that?” Austin asked.
I looked at him with the ‘seriously?’ face. He looked at me and realized.
“Oh. Shit. Sorry Maybelle,” he apologized.
Maybelle rolled her blue eyes as she leaned against the window. Austin looked at me and leaned closer. I leaned back and turned away. I thought, what if Kat did it for the betterment of Australia? Dad always said that the Prime Minister was ‘a bitch in her own right’ but maybe Kat overthrew her mother because she was a bad leader. I don’t know. I felt something lean against me. I turned back to find Maybelle reading ‘Poirot’ by Agatha Christie and Austin sleeping on me with his arm around my waist. I hope that we get to Canberra soon. Maybelle looked up from her book and saw me blushing hard. She chuckled and tapped Austin.
“Lemme sheep,” Austin groaned.
I figured he said ‘Let me sleep’. I then moved his arm off of me as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.
“Are we there yet?” he asked.
Maybelle glanced at her Rolex and shook her head.
“We were scheduled to arrive at 3pm. It’s 2pm. Just be patient for another hour,” She replied.
Austin groaned again and flopped onto me. Maybelle looked down and started to read her book again. I leaned on Austin as my vision went pitch black.

Chapter 4 – The Sarcastic Waitress

We walked out of the agency into the small village of Havendale. Austin took control since he thought that when Samaphie said to us, “you better look after these girls…” it meant, “you are in charge.”
We slowly walked through the Havendale parade of shops. On the right we had the Havenbrook pub, the Canberra-Havendale pharmacy, a restaurant named T∅P, the local supermarket named Wallcett and the local doctor’s surgery. On the left we had the Haven Christian church, Havendale community centre and a preschool called Children of the Rainbow.
“Can we go and have lunch at T∅P? I’m starving!” Austin moaned.
“Yeah, great idea! We can then talk about the case over lunch,” I suggested.
“What’s on the menu?” Maybelle asked. Maybelle is unfortunately allergic to nuts so she always checks the menu before entering a restaurant.
“You know what, I can wait. It’s rice pudding for dessert and the menu says that it contains nuts. Why don’t we go to Bennetts? It’s only 4 blocks away,” Austin decided.
“Yeah, I agree. Let’s go!” Maybelle cheered.
We arrived at Bennetts 5 minutes later and we sat down at a table. All the silverware cutlery was placed perfectly, for a right-handed person anyways. The only problem is that I am left-handed. I looked at the menu and the only dish that was on there that I liked was ‘Ham and Cheese toastie with salad’. A waitress came to our table.
“Would you like to order?” she asked.
“I would like a pork sausage roll along with a chocolate brownie and water please,” Maybelle asked.
“I would like the same please just with a hot chocolate instead please,” Austin asked after.
The waitress then turned to me.
“I would like a ham and cheese toastie with a butter scone and a hot chocolate please. Thank you,” I asked.
She turned and walked away. Something was odd about her though. Her name tag said Katniss and she looks similar to the Prime Minister. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but I have to stay alert. Austin read the newspaper that he ‘borrowed’ from his brother just before Katniss came back with our meals. Katniss appeared and placed our meals on our table in front of us. She took a peek at the newspaper that Austin was holding.
“You’ve heard too?” She asked.
I sat still and looked up at her. I then kept on switching my views from the front page headline to the waitress. Maybelle noticed and put her hand on my left shoulder. I stopped and looked at her. She nodded, implying that everything will be alright. Maybelle knew that I was an alert and cautious person, but sometimes I can be too cautious.
“Yeah. This Kat girl seems like a real nasty snob. Who overthrows the Prime Minister?” Austin pointed out.
Katniss looked at me. We stared into each other’s eyes but it wasn’t romantically, it was a death stare. We carried on staring until she turned to Austin.
“I hope you enjoy your meal! Bon appetite!” She sarcastically said with glee.
Katniss then turned and walked off with a fake smile smothered across her face.
“Well, wasn’t she nice?” Maybelle commented on Katniss’s rude behaviour.
“Yeah, totally,” I rolled my eyes and rested my head on my hand as Austin and Maybelle munched on their food.



Chapter 3 – The Prime Case

We looked at each other and then looked back at Fancy Pants.
“You shall be cracking the case of the Prime Minister!”
My eyes widened. The Prime Minister? The one who got overthrown by her own daughter? We are solving that case?
“That’s right kiddos, you have yourself your hardest case yet!”
He passed us a yellow file each. I opened it to find information on the Prime Minister and her daughter, but the only facts that were written about the daughter were that:
-Her name is Kat Jordan-Cabellero
-She is 20 years old.
Nothing much. No birthday was recorded, or place of birth, or a baby picture. That’s kind of strange considering she is the Prime Ministers daughter, but then again, the Prime Minister probably doesn’t want to be blackmailed, so she keeps her daughters entries secret. Locked away for no-one to find. I wish my entries were locked away. They are locked away (in the safe at home) but I want them locked away along with Kats.
“Oh my… such unreasonable behaviour! How can Kat do such things to her mother? She should respect her!” Maybelle complained. I stood still… silently… not wanting to respond.
“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get going!” Austin yells excitedly before running to door. As soon as he ran to the door, Samaphie shouted “STOP!”
She then grabbed him by his blonde-brown hair and starts to hit him hard. I got hurt even though I wasn’t the one being hit. Thankfully, Samaphie then stopped hitting him and she let him go. But before Austin could leave, Samaphie pointed her long finger at him.
“You better look after these girls,” she said menacingly. Maybelle and I then walked passed her and out of the room with Austin following us.


A/N: Short chapter I know but the next one is long so it compensates for this!

Chapter 2 – To case or not to case

4:00pm: the end of the school day
I waited outside by the quartz water fountain which was right in front of the main entrance. I looked over to see if Maybelle and Austin came out of the school, but what I saw wasn’t pleasing: it was Austin, with The Dazzling Leader, Millie Tiarany.
“Hey Shauna,” Austin greeted.
I grabbed his hand and dragged him towards Maybelle, leaving Millie behind. I stopped and glared at her as she did the same back. We ran out of the school and into the ‘real world’, as Maybelle liked to call Havendale. We all sprinted down the road and into the alleyway where the entrance to the agency was. It was dark and was filled with rubbish.
“Administrator Username and password please,” a voice called out.
“M-Frostone, Shauna-19-Kitten-French,” she replied.
A brick door opened and let her in. It closed once she entered.
“Administrator Username and password please,” a voice called out again.
“A-Jordan, Maybelle-7-Lion-Physical-Education,” he replied.
The door opened and let him in. It then closed.
“Administrator Username and password please,” the voice called out one last time.
“S-Haven-Portendorfer, Austin-9-Polar-Bear-Art,” I replied.
The door opened for the last time and closed again once I entered. It then locked.
We walked around the marble offices, looking for our boss, Mr ‘Fancy Pants’ (Austin called him that when he wore posh pyjamas to work one day, it was
hilarious). There were rooms everywhere filled with computers, files and other useless rubbish. Maybelle, Austin and I have our own offices but we share one main office.
“Well, look who it is! It’s no other than the teenagers who scare me to death,” a raspy voice yelled.
All three of us turned around to find the best person we have ever met standing right there: Samaphie Scott. A tall slim female with short brown hair and hazel eyes. She’s also an S-class spy of N.A.M.A. There are different levels of spies depending on how good you are on the job. S-class is the highest. If you are on an S-class case then there must be a master criminal on the loose. The harder jobs usually take the longest to complete. Maybelle, Austin and I are all C-class spies, which is the 2nd class. There is D-class (the lowest), C-class, B-class, A-class and S-class.
“We are looking for Fancy Pants, seen him anyway?” Maybelle asked.
“No clue. Apparently he isn’t in today. Nobody has seen him,” Samaphie replied.
“Job request?”
“No, just not here.”
I butted in, “He is our boss! We need a case to solve!”
“I am getting quite bored,” Austin interrupted drearily.
“Shut up Austin, but I agree. Samaphie, we need a case! Just because we are C-class does not mean we must wait for a thousand years to be given a case!” Maybelle contradicted.
As soon as Maybelle said her last word, a pile of paperwork was slammed down on the desk in Fancy Pants office.
“C-class spies, please gather round,” he announced.
We walked into his white coated office. The only patch of colour in there was him and us. The walls were painted white, the computer was white, even his pen was white! We were the only C-class spies in there, making us the only C-class spies in N.A.M.A.
“I have a case for you! There is no need to wait for a thousand years anymore!” he stated.